Employment law: Sheen’s Two and a Half Men character ‘to be killed off’

Employment law: Sheen’s Two and a Half Men character ‘to be killed off’

Charlie Sheen’s recent erratic behaviour was well documented in the media, as was the subsequent reaction of his employers on the television show Two and a Half Men. After firing Sheen from the show, the creators have been rumoured to have killed off his character to ensure he can never return.

Celebrity news website TMZ reported that the writers of Two and a Half Men have been discussing ways of writing out the character Charlie Harper from the show for good. One potential scenario could involve the character driving his car off a cliff.

Earlier this year, Sheen was fired from the show when his “statements, conduct and condition prevented him from performing his essential duties”.

The creators had a fair reason to dismiss Sheen as he had previously labelled the show’s producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre a “clown” and a “stupid, stupid little man”.

Two and a Half Men will continue to run following the main character’s death and will see Ashton Kutcher as his replacement.

And for Charlie Sheen, the future is looking bright since he is said to have made a deal with television company Lionsgate to film a new, racier sitcom that is set to make the star millions of dollars.

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