Pension fraud: Woman left unburied while daughter collects pension

Pension fraud: Woman left unburied while daughter collects pension

On discovering her 95-year-old mother had died, Olive Hazel Maddock, along with her daughter Jasmine, did not register her death or go about arranging the funeral but instead left the corpse unburied.

Ms Maddock, who worked as a TV extra on shows such as Hollyoaks and Brookside where she was known as Hazel, also committed pension fraud by claiming her late mother’s state pension and a pension credit totalling £211.36.

She appeared before Liverpool crown court yesterday (13 June) where she was found guilty of unlawful prevention of burial and fraud. Her daughter Jasmine also pleaded guilty to leaving her grandmother’s corpse unburied.

Ms Maddock’s mother, also named Olive Maddock, was thought to have been left unburied between two and six months before a concerned neighbour called the police.

Olive Maddock had died of natural causes in her home, which at the time she shared with her daughter and granddaughter. The police found her body placed behind the bedroom door.

Both Ms Maddock and Jasmine have been granted bail on condition of residence to addresses shown to the court.

During the hearing, Judge Gerald Clifton said to Jasmine: “You must expect the possibility of a custodial sentence.”

The two women will be sentenced on 1 July.

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