Fraud: Glamour model jailed for illegally claiming benefits

Fraud: Glamour model jailed for illegally claiming benefits

Despite earning up to £800 a month through posing for adult websites, Clare Evans fraudulently claimed a total of £62,747 in income support and housing benefits.

Ms Evans first made a legitimate benefit claim in 2001, but from 2004 onwards she was claiming while working as a glamour model for the next six years.

But in October 2009, Ms Evans was caught out when her brand new Audi TT was spotted in her driveway by officials from South Gloucestershire Council.

At the time, Ms Evans was serving a community sentence for a previous benefit fraud conviction.

She was jailed today (20 July) after pleading guilty to two counts of failing to notify a change of circumstances and eight counts of making false statements.

Ms Evans’ defense lawyer said: “From the outset she has been incredibly sorry for what she has done. She is a woman who is trying to better herself considerably from her previous profession.”

Ms Evans recently enrolled in a course to become a children’s nurse.

Judge Martin Picton took into consideration the fact that Ms Evans is currently four months pregnant with her third child.

But he said: “This is £62,000 stolen from the community by someone with a previous conviction for benefit fraud. That crime outweighs any sympathy.

“The appropriate range of sentence is of 12 months to 18 months after trial. Given your plea I can reduce that down to 10 months and you will serve half. That’s as merciful as I can be given the aggravating features of this case.”

He added that she would most likely be released before her baby is born.

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