Motoring law: Third of people consider legal expense cover unnecessary

Motoring law: Third of people consider legal expense cover unnecessary

In a survey conducted by price comparison website, of the 100 people questioned a third felt that legal expense cover was not a necessary purchase when taking out car insurance.

Of this 33%, 15% felt that legal expense cover was better avoided and 18% thought it was a complete waste of money.

Only 19% thought the cover was essential, while 29% believed it was useful although not necessary and a further 19% were indifferent.

Since car insurance policies do not always include legal expense cover as standard, the extra cost (often around £20) puts off many motorists.

Legal expense cover includes things like recovering the cost of car hire and recouping the policy excess from a liable insurer, legal fees when pursuing a personal injury claim and other legal-related expenses usually up to a value of £100,000.

It could soon be more important than ever to have legal expense cover since changes to current legislature may soon come into force, which could increase the risk of incurring expensive legal fees.

Soon claimants may not be able to recover their lawyers’ success fees from the liable insurance company. Instead, the fees will be drawn from the compensation awarded to the claimant.

Lawyers’ fees can cost anything from £5,000 upwards and the payment of this amount will be the responsibility of the claimant, rather than an insurance company or from the defendant through ‘after the event’ insurance.

Lord Justice Jackson, who wrote the report supporting the new legislature changes, notes that ‘before the event’ insurance (legal expenses cover) should be more widely used in the future.

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