Sharia law: UK law firm becomes first to offer Sharia services division

Sharia law: UK law firm becomes first to offer Sharia services division

The UK law firm Russell Jones & Walker claim that they are the setting a precedent in the UK by being the first to have a division dedicated to Sharia services.

The department will be run by Aina Khan, who specialises in family law, especially in finding solutions that satisfy both Sharia and English law.

Ms Khan said: “With the growth in numbers of practicing Muslims in the UK, and more women increasingly proud of their Islamic legal rights, there is an increasing need for UK lawyers who recognise the work that can be done to ensure equality and justice under English law.”

RJW’s new Sharia department will handle contracts specially tailored for Islamic marriages, wills, insurance and mortgages and will also deal with mediation and arbitration in accordance with Islamic principles.

Solicitors of the firm are also able to recommend their clients to Islamic marriage guidance counsellors and pre-marriage classes.

RJW state: “With the combined knowledge and experience of the Islamic Legal Services team, there’s the potential to set precedents and develop a better understanding of the relationship between UK and Sharia law, supporting all those who have often felt trapped between the two.”

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