Human Rights: Murdered man’s family fight to prevent killer’s NHS sex change operation

Human Rights: Murdered man’s family fight to prevent killer’s NHS sex change operation

The family of a disabled man who was beaten to death are attempting to prevent the killer from receiving NHS-funded gender reassignment surgery by starting a campaign.

Jim White’s brother Clive was beaten to death with an axe and a hammer in 2000 by his neighbour Robert Page.

Now that Mr Page, who goes by the name of Emma, is to undergo a sex change while in prison, Mr White claims that taxpayers should not have to pay for the treatment.

Mr Page was jailed in 2001 for murder, but in 2003 his conviction was overturned and his guilty plea to manslaughter was accepted instead. He is currently held in HMP Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

If he were to have his sex change operation, he would be moved to a women’s prison.

Jim White, with his wife Judy, are campaigning to stop prisoners being entitled to NHS sex-change operations.

He said: “For this man to do this is actually despicable, that’s my only thing.

“I feel so hurt for these people that can’t get their operations and he can go ahead and get all this done through taxpayers’ money.”

However, the Department for Health states that prisoners have the same rights to NHS as other people.

In a statement it said: “All decisions made about gender reassignment are rightly based on an individual clinical assessment.

“Transsexual prisoners have the right to receive the same range and quality of NHS treatments and services as anyone else, including treatment for gender reassignment.”

Transgender support charities agree with the Department for Health’s stand.

Janet Scott, from the Beaumont Society, said: “He’s entitled to the same treatment whether he’s in prison or out of prison.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s transgender, suffering from mental illnesses, or suffering from cancer, the treatment is National Health Service treatment, standard procedure.”

Do you think prisoners should be entitled to NHS-funded sex-change operations? Leave a comment below.

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