Leveson Inquiry: ‘Privacy is for paedos’ says former NOTW editor

Leveson Inquiry: ‘Privacy is for paedos’ says former NOTW editor

Discussion about the phone-hacking scandal continues unabated through the Leveson Inquiry and recent witness Paul McMullan, former deputy features editor of the News of the World, has given evidence that many will no doubt find shocking, upsetting and even outrageous.

In defending the measures used by the newspaper, Mr McMullan claimed: “In 21 years of invading peoples’ privacy I’ve never actually come across anyone who’s been doing any good.

“Privacy is the space bad people need to do bad things in. Privacy is for paedos. Privacy is evil; it brings out the worst qualities in people.”

Mr McMullan argued that methods used by journalist such as phone hacking, entrapment and spying were necessary in order to reveal the stories which the British public evidently want to read, if the newspaper’s circulation figures were anything to go by.

He explained: “You just don’t go up to a paedophile priest and say, ‘Hello good sir, you are a priest, do you like abusing choir boys?'”

He even went so far as to claim that phone hacking was an “honourable” way for journalists to expose corruption.

Unsurprisingly, Mr McMullan defended the NOTW regarding Milly Dowler’s case.

He said: “The hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone was not a bad thing for a well-meaning journalist who is only trying to find the girl to do.”

Mr McMullan felt that Rupert Murdoch “didn’t have a right to close” the NOTW and claimed: “Fundamentally the little men, the reporters, were screwed big time by the bosses.”

He alleged that former NOTW editor Andy Coulson was responsible for introducing phone hacking to the newspaper.

He said: “It would be pop star A is leaving messages on pop star B’s phone at two in the morning, saying ‘I love you shall we meet up for a drink?’ It was that blatant but no one realised anyone was committing a crime at the time.

“My assertion has always been that Andy Coulson brought that practice wholesale with him when he was appointed deputy editor, an appointment I could not believe.”

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