Racial hate crime: Union Jack opponent receives ‘death threat’

Racial hate crime: Union Jack opponent receives ‘death threat’

In the Nottinghamshire village of Gamston, the Union Jack flag is flown all year round after a majority vote from the locals felt that it should be so. However, one man complained about the flag and has since received threatening letters.

Roger Henry feels that the Union Jack has become a symbol for racist, far-right political supporters and he did not want to see the flag flown year-round in the village.

After complaining to the local council, he received a letter telling him to “go back to your own country” and saying “we hope you get killed”.

The flagpole was initially put up in April this year to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Gamston Parish Council later held a vote to decide whether the flag should only be flown on special occasions or if it should remain year-round. Locals voted 7-2 in favour of it staying permanently.

One resident, Tim Kaye, said: “I don’t see why anyone would object to having the flag flown all year round. People have died for the right to fly the flag and I find it hard to understand why the council only decided to fly it on certain days.

“If anyone tried to do something similar in the United States, they wouldn’t get very far – they are rightly proud of their flag, so why aren’t we?

However Mr Henry said that in the letter he received there were “far-right extreme” sentiments that vindicated his fears that the flag gave out the wrong message.

He said: “The flag being up all-year round it creates a level of fear and uncomfortableness amongst people of different ethnicities.”

Speaking about the letter, he said: “I don’t mind people challenging me on any debate but when you’re threatening family and young children then it’s quite serious.”

Mr Henry said that he plans to write to local politicians and the prime minister to complain.

Do you think the Union Jack is a symbol of national pride or of far-right extremism? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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