Injunctions: Kate Winslet’s husband in court to stop semi-nude photo publication

Injunctions: Kate Winslet’s husband in court to stop semi-nude photo publication

Ned RocknRoll, the 34-year-old husband of Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, was in the High Court in London yesterday seeking to prevent the publication in national newspapers of a series of semi-naked photographs of himself, reports The Daily Mail.

Mr RocknRoll, a nephew of multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson, was photographed in a state of semi-undress indulging in what he described as ‘schoolboy antics’.

However, the photos found their way onto Facebook and almost into the pages of the national press.

The Sun newspaper intended to publish the photos and argued in court that as they were taken from a publically accessible Facebook page there was no issue of privacy.

Counsel for Mr Rocknroll, formerly known as Edward Abel Smith, argued that the photos were taken at a private fancy dress party which had an ‘outrageous’ theme and would cause Mr Rocknroll significant distress if further published.

Addressing the court concerning his client’s application for an injunction against The Sun newspaper, counsel for Mr Rocknroll David Sherborne said: “This application is not to hide some guilty secret, as I said in the interim hearing. It is not to keep something secret. The claimant is here because the defendant seeks to invade his privacy.”

Mr Sherborne explained that the party was private, the guest list was private and the party was in a private home, concluding that his client had a reasonable expectation of privacy. He added that publication of the photos would cause embarrassment to his wife and her children.

Injunctions are used by celebrities and others to prevent publication of information that is false or which invades privacy. Last year, injunctions hit the news when it emerged that celebrities were using so-called ‘super injunctions’ to cover up details of affairs.


Winslet’s husband in legal battle to halt publication of semi-naked photographs of him in fancy dress (The Daily Mail)

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