Olympics: Legal action threatened after auction sells non-existent memorabilia

Olympics: Legal action threatened after auction sells non-existent memorabilia

An official website set up by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to sell off Olympic memorabilia faces legal action from disgruntled fans after it emerged that some of the items sold on the site do not exist.

Innovative Sports Limited, the company contracted by LOCOG to run the auction of memorabilia after the games, is believed not to be in possession of several items of memorabilia that it have since sold on their site for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of pounds.

Damian Kelly claims that he spent £7,000 on memorabilia from the games, including the results sheets of Michael Phelps’ swimming events. So far none of the items have arrived and it is thought the company has admitted that it do not yet have the sheets.

“Advertising items for sale you do not possess could be a case of fraud. I am speaking to a barrister soon about launching legal proceedings,” Mr Kelly, a solicitor himself, told The Telegraph.

Another customer, Ferris Cowper, paid £4,300 to buy an Olympic Torch but was then left disappointed after four separate delivery dates passed without the torch showing up.

Innovative Sports claims that demand for the items took them by surprise and added that some of the items they believed they could source had not materialised as they had hoped.

“The issue is people wanting products that we just don’t have. We are offering everyone affected a 100 per cent full refund. Some people don’t want the refund, they want their products. I don’t know what to do about that,” said Jon Curleigh, a director of the company.

LOCOG says that orders would be dispatched from 21 January, after they have completed a move to new warehousing space.


Olympic fans threaten legal action after London 2012 auction site promises memorabilia it doesn’t have (The Telegraph)

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