Motoring law: Famous footballer ordered to complete 250 hours community service for driving offence

Motoring law: Famous footballer ordered to complete 250 hours community service for driving offence

Premier League footballer Carlos Tevez received 250 hours in community service after admitting driving without insurance and whilst disqualified, at Macclesfield Magistrates Court, reports The Daily Mail.

The Argentinian, who plays for reigning Premier League champions Manchester City, had faced up to six months in jail after admitting the serious offence of driving whilst disqualified.

The incident occurred last month when Tevez’s distinctive white Porsche Cayenne was spotted at a local golf club and police received an anonymous tip-off. On their arrival Tevez pleaded with the officers that he lived just a short distance away.

However, after pleading guilty, Magistrate Elizabeth Depares agreed with Tevez’s lawyers that he had committed a mid-range offence that was not worthy of a custodial sentence.

“You must realise that you are a role model for thousands if not millions of fans. Nobody is above the law and you should not have been driving,” she told him in judgment.

Sentencing him to 250 hours, close to the maximum of 300 hours, the magistrate said that Tevez knew that driving without a licence and without insurance was placing other road users in danger.

He was also told to pay a £1,000 fine, £85 in costs and a £60 victim surcharge and was banned from driving for a further 6 months.

Tevez’s original driving ban related to failing to respond to two previous speeding tickets in vehicles registered to him. Tevez told magistrates that he hadn’t replied because he didn’t understand the word ‘constabulary’.


Tevez ordered to carry out 250 HOURS of community service but can only move abroad if court lets him leave (The Daily Mail)

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