Defence: MoD facing possible legal action over deaths in heatwave

Defence: MoD facing possible legal action over deaths in heatwave

The Ministry of Defence could face legal action after the death of two Territorial Army soldiers participating in the SAS selection process during the heatwave, reports The Independent.

The inquest into the deaths of Lance Corporal Craig Roberts and Territorial Army Serviceman Edward Maher has heard that both men collapsed during an ascent of the highest mountain in South Wales, Pen-Y-Fan.

The two men were participating in the notoriously gruelling selection process to become reservists for the Special Air Service regiment. 

Following their collapse paramedics were called to a nearby mountain centre, but they were unable to resuscitate the men.

A post-mortem has failed to reveal the cause of death of either man.

The coroner conducting the inquest, Louise Hunt, told the inquest that the Human Rights Act would play a part in proceedings, guaranteeing as it does a ‘right to life’ in its article two provision.

“The state has a duty to protect an individual’s life,” Hunt told the inquest.

“The importance of looking into the wider circumstances of these deaths is that article two of the Human Rights Act will come into play,” she added.

It is thought the soldiers were participating in the ‘Fan Dance’, a 24-kilometre trek over the Pen-Y-Fan mountain, carrying an 18kg backpack, a 5kg rifle and water.

“We wholeheartedly supported Craig in his military endeavours and it gives us some comfort, though great sadness, that he died in the pursuit of his dream,” said Kelvin Roberts, the father of Lance Corporal Craig Roberts. 

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