Human rights: Travellers win right to stay on Lancashire site

Human rights: Travellers win right to stay on Lancashire site

A group of travellers have won a temporary reprieve in a legal battle to have them evicted, after a mother took their case to the Court of Appeal claiming that eviction would breach the human rights of children living there, reports The Daily Mail.

The group of 78 Irish travellers have been camped in a field near Hardhorn, Lancashire, for more than four years.

Local residents had applied for a court order to evict the travellers from the site, claiming that they were ‘terrible neighbours’. 

The locals had won an enforcement notice, ordering the travellers to move on by 31 July this year. However, one mother living on the site has now taken their plight to the Court of Appeal, a move which could see the decision to evict overturned, or in any event delayed for several months.

The villagers described being ‘very, very disappointed’ at the news the travellers had been given leave to appeal.

“All of the people of Hardhorn feel very hard done to. These travellers have made a small village of their own on the green belt,” said local parish councillor Maxine Chew.

“The fact that they claim their children’s human rights would be violated is ridiculous because I understand that there are no children at all on the site at the moment anyway,” she added.

The local residents claim the travellers have made life difficult, with dogs barking through the night and generators running noisily at all hours. They claim the site is always messy and that the travellers frequently trespass on local land to poach rabbits.

The history of the travellers’ occupation of the site is chequered. They were granted the land after it was sold to a travelling family and have spent the past few years attempting to make the site more permanent.

However, Fylde Council refused them planning permission to install utility buildings and cesspools, and demanded they leave. A first appeal to the High Court last year failed, but with just days to go before their eviction, they now have leave to appeal that decision.

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