Litigation: Lord Sugar bid for costs fails

Litigation: Lord Sugar bid for costs fails

Business tycoon Lord Sugar has lost his legal bid to have a former Apprentice winner contribute to his £50,000 legal costs after a failed employment tribunal case against him, reports the BBC.

Apprentice winner Stella English had sued Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal after claiming the job she was offered as a reward for winning the show was a ‘sham’.

However, the employment tribunal disagreed and ruled against her, stating that in reality her claim should probably never have been brought in the first place. 

This prompted Lord Sugar and his lawyers to believe that they could claim a contribution to their costs, so they launched a counter claim.

However, this too was rejected by the East London Employment Tribunal, which ruled this week that Ms English should not make any contribution towards the £50,000 sum because they believed she thought she had a case.

The hearing heard Ms English claim to have just £200 to her name and to be unemployed since July; she said she was now considering Job Seekers’ Allowance.

She also described how the stress of the past twelve months had left her relationship in tatters, leaving her unemployed and a single parent.

Although she owns three properties, she claims that she cannot afford the mortgage payments and is currently in receipt of housing benefit.

“I do not know how I am going to feed my kids, never mind the mortgages,” she said.

Speaking after the hearing Ms English’s lawyer said she was pleased with the outcome.

“Ms English is now keen to put this saga behind her,” he told the BBC.

Commenting on the original verdict, Lord Sugar had said that the case was a ‘victory for the law against the claim culture’, a reference to the propensity towards litigation in modern society. 

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