Sir Paul McCartney halts sale of old clothes by family of former nanny

Sir Paul McCartney halts sale of old clothes by family of former nanny

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has used a legal action to prevent the family of his former nanny from selling his old clothes at an auction in Liverpool, reports The Telegraph.

Sir Paul McCartney instructed his lawyers to intervene after the family of a former nanny attempted to sell various items previously belonging to Sir Paul at an auction at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool.

Among the items due to be auctioned were clothing owned by the former Beatle, including a cape and a suit, as well as other items including a scrap of paper with a few lines of handwritten lyrics.

It is understood that the auctioneers, Omega Auctions, had been informed that the items were given to the former McCartney family housekeeper and nanny Rose Martin by Sir Paul’s late wife Linda McCartney.

Ms Martin died last year, leaving the items to her family, who decided to auction them to raise £30,000 for her grandchildren.

However, at the last minute lawyers representing Sir Paul intervened to prevent the sale of the items, claiming that Sir Paul would never have agreed to clothing being given away.

“Unfortunately, the lawyers have claimed that Paul would never have given any clothing away,” said Paul Fairweather, the auctioneer.

“Rose always told the family that it was Linda that had given them to her but as both have unfortunately passed away, neither story can be corroborated,” he added.

The estimates on the items included £10,000 each for the cape and the suit, and between £1,000 and £2,000 for the hand-written lyrics.

When Ms Martin died in 2013, Sir Paul posted a message on his website to commemorate her passing.

“Rose was my housekeeper since the early 60s and for many years looked after us and our children. She was a very classy lady with a mischievous sense of humour. She was fiercely loyal and our family and many friends will miss her dearly,” the statement read.

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