Criminal: Armed Selfridges robbers are sentenced to 58 years in prison

Criminal: Armed Selfridges robbers are sentenced to 58 years in prison

Thugs who stole millions of pounds worth of jewellery during an armed raid on Selfridges are sentenced to prison, reports the Daily Mail.

During daylight hours on 6th June 2013, five armed robbers entered London’s Selfridges store and terrified staff and shoppers as they wielded axes and sledgehammers to destroy jewellery display cabinets and steal £1.5million worth of goods. All of the robbers wore burkas to mask their identity.

‘A total of 142 designer watches were taken, although 41 were recovered from Curtin and Groake, and investigators totaled the combined value of the goods at £1,496,000. Police estimated the damage caused to the shop during the raid combined with the value of the goods totalled more than £2.2million’, explains the Daily Mail.

Many members of this criminal gang had also been involved in a robbery of a Windsor jewellers just weeks before the Selfridges raid, stealing a number of items worth over £175,000 and causing in excess of £41,000 worth of damage to the store itself.

Given their dress and their possession of weapons, Judge Nicholas Jones residing over the case ruled that their was no doubt as to their intent that day to rob the famous store. He remarked that the raid was ‘a professionally planned and carefully executed robbery’, and made a similar comment regarding the robbery in Windsor, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite their attempt to flee the crime scene in London unidentified, one of the gang members lost control of his getaway moped, causing himself and one other to be pinned down by pedestrians and handed over to the police.

Jail sentences ranging between eight and 15 years were handed out to the individuals. All of the robbers held previous convictions, many of which were for theft and drug related offences.

While one defendant was found not guilty of conspiring to rob Selfridges, another will be tried in court at a future date.

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